Hello there! I'm Fran, highschool student from Italy. I like to draw, sing, and obsessing over silly things~. I'm mostly a fan-artist and an awful shipper. I'll put NSFW things under the "Read More" link, to keep your dashboard clean and chaste! (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

MI/MU || Super Mario || MLP



Danny brought the Luigi nendoroid. This is what I did with it XD

Did some rough pixel after a while :3


I’m back.
Gonna post some old drawings did during this time of hiatus, from a free hour and another :3


rough sketches for a comic/show idea… some I could finally put up! aside from building a universe, ive been doing more “character” sketches rather than designs to get the tone of the project. more to come!

These are just… amazing. Great use of colors, great palette. And the dinamicity of the sketches, I just can’t-

· woah ·

As I wrote in my DA’s journal, see ya in July~ ♥
Hope you all are having great summer holidays!

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Yo man.
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